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Our main activities

GEOS designs and manages work on the following structures:

  • Tunnels, cut-and-cover tunnels, shafts and underground structures such as underground stations, railway stations, reservoirs, silos and car parks,
  • Foundations and retaining structures, road and rail infrastructure, platforms and runways, bridges and engineering structures,
  • Residential, administrative and industrial buildings in reinforced concrete, steel or mixed construction.
  • Stabilisation of landslide, natural slopes, and cliffs

GEOS designs developments, studies structures and draws up plans, specifications and tender documents, as well as planning and managing works.

The design of all the works benefits from the company’s traditional specialities of geotechnics, soil mechanics and rock mechanics, the study of load-bearing structures and the resistance of materials. Mastery of these fields, in parallel with civil engineering and building, leads to the most appropriate and competitive solutions, because safety is dealt with in a coherent manner, with no gaps or duplications, and responsibility for the work is not diluted between several participants.

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