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GEOS Softwares : for all your geotechnical calculations

The GEOS software suite includes five programs that enable geotechnical engineers to design all types of structures. Developed by and for professionals, the software complies with the Eurocodes, is user-friendly and has been tried and tested in France and abroad.

GEOS develops and commercialises geotechnical software to meet its own needs and those of its customers.

The experience of GEOS engineers in the design and calculation of complex geotechnical structures, foundations, retaining structures, earth dams and tunnels has led to the development of these high-performance analysis tools.

This experience also enables us to provide effective assistance with the software and to provide appropriate training on these different tools.

Logiciel GEOSTAB

Study of the stability of natural slopes and reinforced soils.

More information on GeoStab

Logiciel GEOFOND

Sizing of shallow and deep foundations and soil settling and consolidation

More information on GeoFond

Logiciel GEOMUR

Dimensioning of retaining walls

More information on GeoMur

Logiciel GEOSPAR

Reinforced concrete dimensioning of nailed wall facings

More information on GeoSpar

Logiciel GEODEPL

Forecasting settlement trends using in situ measurements

More information on GeoDepl

Effective and skilled assistance

GEOS softwares users benefit from the experience and support of an office specialised in the design of structures processed by these softwares.

The software works in the usual Windows 7, 8, 10 and 11 environments.

Software training

GEOS provides training on the following software: GeoStab, GeoSpar, GeoMur and GeoFond.

GEOS is registered as a training provider under number 82 74 02818 74. This registration does not imply government approval.

More information on training courses