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GeoSpar geotechnical software

Dimensioning of shotcrete walls

Calculation of steel sections and support plates

Fast and interactive

GeoSpar calculates the cross-sections of steel in the facing, to withstand bending, cracking and punching.


Eurocodes 2 compliant

GeoSpar can be used for dimensioning in accordance with general or bridge-specific Eurocodes 2.

Reliable models

GeoSpar has been used for several years to design the facing of many shotcrete nailed walls.

Efficient assistance

The user benefits from the assistance of an experienced design office

Fast, interactive modelling:

  • Definition of simple or complex meshes in elevation
  • Defines the mechanical characteristics of the facing in cross-section
  • Import forces to the facing from GeoStab

Clear, concise results:

  • Systematic review of all data
  • Summary equivalent to a calculation note
  • Dimensioning of steel sections
  • Isovalue maps of moments