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GEOS Software training

As part of its developing specialised geotechnical softwares activity, GEOS offers several types of training on the use of these softwares.


Inter-company training (GeosDays):

The GeosDays are a three-day inter-company training session designed to present all the functions of the software developed by GEOS. Each day is dedicated to one software.

GeosDays take place either in Paris or Lyon.

You can now discover our inter-company training courses by registering for the next session, which will take place in Rueil-Malmaison from 5 to 7 December 2023.

  • GeoStab / GeoSpar training : Tuesday 5 December 2023
  • GeoFond training: Wednesday 6 December 2023
  • GeoMur training: Thursday 7 December 2023

Registration form available here :

GeosDays December 2023

Training programme:

GeoStab training:

  • Introduction to the software
  • Tools and displays
  • Entering data
  • Analysis of calculation results
  • Advanced” data entry

GeoSpar training:

  • Introduction to the software
  • Data entry
  • Presentation of calculation results

GeoFond training:

  • Introduction to the software
  • Superficial Foundations Module (Footings and Embankments)
  • Deep Foundations Module (axial/transverse/group of piles, rigid inclusions and stone columns)

GeoMur training:

  • Introduction to the software
  • Tools and display
  • Data entry
  • Wall definition
  • Analysis of calculation results
  • Advanced” calculation options



In-company training:

These courses are organised “on demand” and/or “à la carte”. They can involve one or more software packages and can therefore take place over one or more days, depending on your requirements, either on your premises or ours.


Training courses for schools and universities:

These courses are given by some of our staff in schools and are designed to train future engineers in the software developed by our company.

We regularly give courses at the following schools:

  • Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Géologie de Nancy (E.N.S.G)
  • Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Mines de Nancy (E.N.S.M.N)


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