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Covered trench – Customs road – Geneva Airport (Switzerland)

Covered trench – Customs road – Geneva Airport (Switzerland)

Tunnels et ouvrages souterrains

  • Project Owner : Genève Aéroport (Suisse)
  • Mission : Maîtrise d’œuvre complète
  • Cost of the works : 35’000,– kCHF
  • Cost of the mission : 4’000,– kCHF
  • Mission date : 2013-2015


The project involves burying the existing customs road and forms part of the Aile_EST project (construction of a new “Large Cargo” terminal) at Geneva International Airport. This structure will also form the foundation for the future Aile_EST terminal. The work involved creating :

  • A 250-metre-long technical gallery,
  • Two 250-metre-long taxiways,
  • An area of technical premises (around 1,500m2) dedicated to the future terminal,
  • A 2,500m2 storage platform above the traffic lanes,

The main constraints of the project were as follows

  • Maintaining airport operations at all times despite the cramped nature of the site,
  • Maintaining traffic flow on the existing customs road while work is being carried out,
  • Maintaining the existing networks in the underground technical galleries.
  • Mole excavation in the geothermal probe embankment.

Technical specifications :

  • Moulded walls 60 cm and 80 cm thick (8,000m²),
  • 60 cm and 80 cm diameter bored piles (2,000 ml), static pile tests,
  • Concrete (12,500 m3), reinforcement (1,500 tonnes),
  • Temporary support structures using nailed walls (1,400m²), Berliner walls (1,600m²),
  • Top-down construction (45,000 m3 of earthworks),
  • Concrete tarmac (6,500 m²), bituminous surfacing (6,200 m²),
  • Installation of sewage and drainage networks (2,500 m),
  • Demolition work.


As a civil and geotechnical engineer within an international multidisciplinary consortium, GEOS carried out a complete project management mission including the following services:

  • Preliminary design,
  • Final design,
  • Application for planning permission,
  • Invitation to tender,
  • Execution project,
  • Construction management,
  • Commissioning and completion.



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27 July 2023