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Semi-buried car park – Commune de Russin (Switzerland)

Semi-buried car park – Commune de Russin (Switzerland)

Tunnels and underground structures

  • Project Owner: Commune de Russin (Suisse)
  • Mission: Maîtrise d’œuvre partielle
  • Cost of the works: 4’500,– kCHF HTVA
  • Cost of the mission: 250,– kCHF HTVA
  • Mission date: 2015-2016


The project involves the creation of a 40-space communal car park on the edge of existing old heritage-listed buildings.

The main constraints of the project were as follows:

  • Determination of the soil and hydrogeological conditions through a geotechnical campaign carried out by our office,
  • Design of the structure and support methods in line with the hydrogeological conditions,
  • Vibration and support control to avoid damaging neighbouring buildings,
  • Keeping the GIS medium-voltage network in service at all times within the site right-of-way.
  • Design a slab structure compatible with the architectural project (integration of 6-tonne tree troughs).

Technical specifications:

  • Vibro-piling (2,000 m2) at the edge of existing buildings
  • Earthworks (7,000 m3)
  • 60cm thick slab (1,700 m2)
  • 50cm thick slab (1,700 m2)
  • Casing (1,700 m2)
  • Pillars with punching reinforcement
  • Concrete (2,500 m3), reinforcement (250 tonnes)



As civil engineer and geotechnician, GEOS is carrying out a partial project management mission comprising the following services:

  • Final design,
  • Invitation to tender,
  • Execution project,
  • Construction management.



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27 July 2023