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Kérino under-river crossing at Vannes (56)

Kérino under-river crossing at Vannes (56)

Geotechnical engineering
Tunnels and underground structures

  • Project Owner : ADIM Ouest
  • Client : GTM Ouest
  • Project management : INGEROP/ANTEA GROUP/ENET DOLOWY
  • Missions : G2 & G4
  • Cost of the mission : 66 k€ HT
  • Mission date : Depuis 2013


The study carried out by GEOS Ingénieurs Conseils is part of the project to build a tunnel under the river at Kérino to replace the existing movable bridge.

This route includes the construction of a 250 m under-river cut-and-cover tunnel and two access hoppers.


GEOS Ingénieurs Conseils carried out the G2 project-level studies and the G4 construction geotechnical supervision studies, as defined in standard NF P 94-500.

These studies covered the following points in particular:

  • Establishment of the additional geotechnical campaign,
  • Drawing up a note of general geotechnical hypotheses,
  • Analysis of slope stability for the access hoppers,
  • Evaluation of pumping rates during the construction and final phases,
  • Assessment of vertical reaction moduli,
  • Supervision of the execution studies for the cofferdams.

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27 July 2023